Ordering is Easy

LiveIVF provides branded fertility medications at the best price available. We prepared easy steps for your orders. Our expert team will assist to you like they have assisted thousands of customers in making their fertility medications more affordable.

In order to respect US laws, please be advised:

Our affiliates will ship a maximum supply of 3 months of any given medication per order.

Our affiliates will NOT ship narcotics or habit forming medications.

Our affiliates will NOT ship medication without a valid prescription

Step 1 – Create your order

Please create your order and complete checkout process without payment.


You or your physician/nurse can either email us your prescription to [email protected] in order to create your order by us.

Step 2 – Order Confirmation

When we receive your order, we will share payment option with you quickly.

When you send us your prescription, our customer service will reply you with itemized quote and payment options.

Step 3 – Payment Confirmation

We will process and confirm your payment.

Step 4 – Shipment

As son as we confirmed your payment, we ship your order fastly via DHL Express, FedEx or UPS.


We offer a Money Back guarantee for any orders that are not delivered within two weeks of dispatch.